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Outputs stuck


I’m trying to hook up a relay to my Masso  outputs for a vacuum system (it’s a cnc wood router) and all of my outputs appear to be stuck in their current state. I can assign them in the setup screen, and I can invert them, but their state never changes.  This applies to the TTL outputs as well as the relay outputs; I have tried using the P1-16 macro assignments as well as commands such as the flood coolant output (which is what I actually want to use).
The outputs currently in a high state are actually high and will actuate the relays, and the low states will not, so its at least correct with the state on the screen.

any ideas?





Have you issued the relevant M commands in the MDI to operate the assigned outputs.

In regards to the relays connected to outputs, what version of MASSO do you have?

There is a difference between G2 & G3 as to what type of relay you can connect. Read the bottom of this page MASSO G2 Drive and Relay wiring if you have a G2 else this page  TTL Outputs for a G3.






I have the G2 version of Masso, and have tried the M62/63 commands in MDI. No luck. I am also within the bounds of the current ratings of the outputs as I’m using optoisolated relays




M62/63 have been removed from G2 and replaced by M64/65 in software update v3.47.4

From the update email.

  • IMPORTANT Change: M62 and M63 commands have now been moved to M64 and M65, please see this link for more information: M62 and M63.



I have tried M62/63 on the old firmware, as well as M64/65 on the new firmware all to no avail.

the spindle outputs change fine (CW/CCW) but I can’t change the state of any other output pin. I would thing that regardless of the program outputs I should be able to cycle the state using the invert feature in the setup screen, but they don’t seem to work in that manner either. Is there anything I can look for hardware wise that could be an issue?


Good day.

I have the same problem.

What was the solution to the problem?