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Pendant Problem monitor screen with new G3

Hello All, I am new to this. Just refitted an old EZ Router with the new Masso G3.

My monitor screen goes blank when I plug the pendant into the G3. ( big problem )

How does plugging the pendant in affect the signal out to my monitor?

I haven't connected any drives, homing switched or the VFD yet. I'm taking "baby steps".

I decided to at least load the a software version upgrade. Should I have loaded the Original software first?

I connected the EStop to use the pendant only.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

did you make your own MPG?

it looks like the MPG is causing a short circuit which is then powering off the controller. if you quickly plug and unplug the MPG, does the controller restart? if it does then it means that the MPG is causing a short circuit or overloading.

Yes, I purchased the MPG from you.
The controller does not restart when plugged in back in.

if the controller does not restart then this could be a grounding loop issue with your wiring.