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Plasma CNC connection to Masso - THC has outputs "Auto", "IHS arc on", and "Dir arc on"


I am converting my CNC plasma to the Masso. The Fangling THC F1621 has a number of connections, including  "Auto", "IHS arc on", and "Dir arc on". Are these connected to the Masso in some fashion?


Thanks! Brit



Bad news, Fangling THC F1621 is a controller in its self.  From this manual

Automatic operation
After the numerical control system sends out the arcing signal, the height controller
automatically completes the actions of initial positioning, arcing and arcing success feedback. After the numerical control system receives the arcing success feedback signal, the
numerical control system controls the machine tool to start moving and cutting.

So the only connections to MASSO is the Torch On output and Arc-OK input. There are no Up/Down inputs to MASSO, so MASSO is unable to control torch height.

Figure 3. 4 F1620 wiring of numerical control system shows the Up/Down connections inside the CNC controller as being switches, ie outputs not inputs.





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Thank you Arie!