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-Plasma configurations

I have not found this functionality in G3... ?

As Plasma cutting is really a 2d process most machines need to only process positioning G codes and torch on/off  M code.

Most job parameters need to be set up at the machine as others have noted. I.E typical "spindle"  Z data is handled in the THC.

What is NOT available is speed and delay functions at the Masso. These cannot be effectively transmitted through G code.

The overarching constraint on speeds and feeds is material thickness. This influences travel speed as well as pierce height and delay before moving.

This is why most plasma machine controllers have job configuration capability. This is similar in some ways to the tool database in milling.

The user is presented with a list of named configurations (E>G> " 7 gauge steel with finecut nozzle 45 amps")

Associated with that name are: Cut Speed, Pierce Height, Pierce delay, Stop short distance, Continue cutting after stop time, Slower on arcs less than, Etc.

Feedrate override would only be used to compensate for consumable wear.

This allows a single G code file to be used for any material type. Which is quite common with these cutters. Unless one is merely making decorative signs, The gauged thickness of the bracket or mounting plate will drive the machine. The only other way to adjust these would be to go to a computer and re-cam a part each time it needs to be reproduced with different material.

I personally have thousands of part designs which I have re-used many times without even looking at the G code. Many of these are simple shapes lifted off a DXF file which is long gone. Should I redraw them simply because I need this part in a thicker material?

  • NOTE: this is in no way a criticism of the amazing work done with this controller! To produce a real-time pulse generator while handling vga output, usb data streams, and IO interrupts in an embedded processor is no mean feat!
  • @ the developers... perhaps some transparency on your challenges as far as RAM limitations, NV memory space, processor speed, etc. might quell some of these more fanciful "I have this feature on my PC" requests!

What your asking is in sheet cam it does all the settings .  except THC reaction speed  but can code thc on and off .

Yes … most CAM software includes the ability to do that. And that's fine if you just ran from the other room with a sweaty file in your hand!

The request was for this functionality at the machine. A single design may be cut from a variety of materials. Currently that means a SheetCam generated file for each gauge, each material species, and each consumable type. Plus the master geometry file. I assume the internal wizards would need a file for each variation also, for say a Circle or Rectangle?

Any of you plasma users ever wanted to cut a cool Wallaby-shaped silhouette that you made before from 16 ga. steel , only this customer wants it out of 7 ga. stainless.?

What happens if I am unfamiliar with how a material will cut? Little adjustment at the machine means i'll be treading a well-worn path to a PC to re-save the same file.

I have owned two Plasma tables since 1999 Started with the Plasmacam ... Hated the PC tether. Now have Multicam 5x10 (slow!)

I want to steal the servos off the old Plasmacam, do a build, and run them with Masso. But not if I still need a pc right there anyway?

Is anyone using Masso Plasma? What is your worlflow?

what you want is cam functions in masso .that not going to happen

not many do that  uccnc and neuron  flash cut .command cnc and my plasma about it still need a pc

neuron on masso would solve it

I am curious about this feed.  I am in the process of setting up my second Masso as plasma cutter using a big old mill to drive the X Y table.  This discussion on changing the thickness on the steel or what ever your cutting is what I am wondering about.  I want to make it clear that I have no experience with Plasma so please be easy on me here. Just trying to learn something.

My perception is if I draw a widget in cad cam and shoot the tool XY path to the plasma table, isn't the next step just setting the cutter height and turning it on?  Why would it make any difference in X Y  coordinates that would require you to go back to the cam program. could you not just raise the cutter and change the feed and dwell speeds?

I haven't got that far on my other system yet but is not the program editable on the screen?  and once edited can it not be saved for the next time you need one in say 1/4" instead of 1/8 for example. What am I missing?




@airnut The kerf width differs depending on what kind material you are cutting and that means the X and Y changes. And the torch needs more time to pierce on thicker materials.

@Jolbas,  Thanks for the heads up..

That makes  perfect sense and means in the end it will always have to be recalculated for each thickness you cut and will be using a computer if you want accuracy.  I think that is something important that I hadn't really considered before.

I guess that is the argument for including the PC with the Masso. However, for my buck at this point I will do almost anything to get away from MS Windows in any form. I tolerate it in the cad cam program only because we don't have a real choice and I'll be working around that as soon as possible. Keeping it away from my machines is a God send in my book. I thank Masso for that.

So, if we have to have a cad Station to adjust the and create the files anyway I see no real problem with using the USB drives to transfer a program to the Masso.