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Plasma table general disscusion

Here you go, Micro limits for the Z and limits for the X & Y:

Quote from SegoMan DeSigns on August 18, 2019, 3:24 pm

Here you go, Micro limits for the Z and limits for the X & Y:

what are you using on the break away? same thing or a inductive proximity?

All three (float, home and break away) are the same micro limit switch's, that makes it easy to keep spare parts on hand..

Check out the photo on page 4


This shows the X & Y Limit switches with a "Crash Over Ride Spring". The second photo shows inside of the switch

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since you want more work and pictures i thought i would post an update 🙂 got the motor mount made and the base plate that attaches everything made up. still working on the rest of the break away floating head but hope to have it done this weekend hopefully.

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@machinedude - thats impressive mate!

Quote from ECS on August 22, 2019, 10:58 pm

@machinedude - thats impressive mate!

well when i picked up my Bridgeport mill i knew i could make some cool stuff with it and save it from the scrap yard. one of my past employers had planned to sell it for scrap and i stepped in and gave him scrap price for the machine and ended up with a decent manual mill for $250 🙂 money well spent considering what you can make with good machine even if it is just a manual machine. add a DRO and you can make precision parts 🙂 so i'm lucky i have some machines to build with and have been doing machining for 30 year's.

@machinedude - $250... Thats probably not even scrap value! Doesn't matter if its manual or not as long as it gets the job done. And your definitely getting the job done!

Wacky-Doo, I cut some brackets for my desiccant container today, painted them green and screwed it to the wall, another job done!

4" stainless tube, half inch fittings all round, Fill and dump valves top and bottom, 6 or 8mm glass supper glued into a machined stainless 30mm end cap!

Tested to 140 psi. NO BOOM, just Boom shakalaka!

Using 2kg of beads, might have to order another 3kg to fill it!

Hope you like the setup.  Ross.



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got the floating part sorted out today. i have to keep ross happy so he's productive 🙂 here is another picture 🙂

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Machinedude, don't forget to use shielded cable for the breakaway, I used microphone cable for mine.

While looking on the net I came across this torch breakaway and I think it would be the best to have. Strip all the crap off and you have a simple L shape bracket with magnets that you can shim to get the head 90 degrees to the job - no wearing contact joints so they say and what I am experiencing at the moment on my second breakaway!

Can you make it and tell me if it works before I attempt it!   Don't forget it is Sunday so you should have the photos of it posted by tonight!

If not I will have to do it and let you know if it's ok!



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