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post processors for artcam 2018

Hello I am trying to carve a crest file made in artcam 2018. I am struggling to get toolpath files to work correctly on the masso. what post processor would work correctly with artcam?




please see this in the MASSO documentation:


the documentation says that for Autodesk "FUSION 360" to use the post processor in the link.

but Artcam is different than fusion 360

Hi @gok

I thought Artcam was no longer available after Autodesk shut it down. Have you tried using the Mach 3 post in ArtCam?

Stephen Brown

Hi Stephen

they just stopped supporting Artcam and won't develop  the app any longer.

I am a newbie, would I use  .TAP  or .cnc


Hi @gok

I have not used artcam but in my experience with similar programs Masso can read most Mach3 posts.  Based on the available post processors on the AutoDesk web site you should be able to use the post processor in ArtCam to output a standard text file with the necessary G-Code that Masso should be able to read.  However, you may need to rename the file using one of the recognized file extensions if they don't offer an option to set it properly in ArtCam.  The recognized extensions are found on this page MASSO SUPPORTED FILE EXTENSIONS. I would try it with a simple part to test if it works to your satisfaction before committing to a large program. Hope this helps!

Cheers, Stephen Brown

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Thank you Stephen

I will try this.



this post processor does seem to work well. (



@gok glad it worked.  To bad that Artcam EOL is upon us.  Looked like a nice package.  Cheers, Stephen Brown