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Printed version of the Masso Documentation


For a while now users have wanted to get a downloaded version of the Masso Documentation to print out to put on a tablet device to take out to the workshop while working on their build.
We are pleased to announce that this is now available.

We have created a new documentation platform which has at the top right of the page a PDF download button that you can click on and it will download the entire documentation.

As you know videos form part of the documentation and while these are not downloaded there is a QR code generated for each video which you can scan with your phone or tablet and it will take you to the video.
As the documentation is updated the we will update the PDF also.

We hope you enjoy the new documentation.
All the best from the Masso support team.



Peter35 has reacted to this post.

Have just had a quick look, looks good and l like the links to YouTube, however l believe information still needs to be in the manual.

As an example. 4.3 admin and passwords. without going to link on YouTube, there is no information given. you need to explain how you change password etc.

4.4 graphic interface, again would be good to have screen shots in manual.

qr links are good if you have good internet, but not always available and watching YouTube whist trying to sort out a problem at the machine is not always practical or quick.

Just trying to give some constructive criticism.


Breezy, KSA-CNC and 2 other users have reacted to this post.

Thanks for the feedback. It is much appreciated.


Definitely a step in the right direction, as Peter35 says internet is not always available. Perhaps you should give the file a version number (V.01) then change it when you upgrade it for reference purposes.

Peter35 and lilken have reacted to this post.

Hi SegoMan DeSigns

Each PDF file already has a version number at the bottom of each page and the date the PDF file was created.

Now that the new platform has been created we will start to add more information to the pages with just videos and add even more.


lilken has reacted to this post.


The version is visible on the document when it is opened, I was thinking of the Ver # on the download file itself then you would know if you need to download it or not.

Documentation bugs: v5.8 - 30 Sep,2020

Multiple locations: Typographical error

"F Value – The F value defines the federate at which the axis will move at. If the F value is not specified then the feed rate used from the last Gxx command is used."

Page 102 - Hard Limits

"The homing inputs double as hard limit inputs after the machine has been homed. To work, all hard limit switches must be outside the envelope of axis travel or the hard limit will trip before it reaches the full travel of your axis. Soft limits should be used first and Hard limits as a last resort. Tripping a hard limit will not instantly stop the axis but it will decelerate to a stop. Hard limits can be disabled under general settings.

Hint: if you mount your homing sensors/switch on the moving carriage and put a trigger at each end of the axis travel then only one sensor/switch can work for both homing and Hard limit triggering at each end of the axis travel."

No information on how to configure an input as a hard limit (use case: switch at minimum and maximum travel, configure one for home but how to configure the other?).

Should the additional hard limit input be configured as "<axis> Motor Alarm Input"?

Breezy has reacted to this post.

Hi ZombieEngineer

There is no configurable hard limit inputs. The Homing inputs double as hard limit inputs.
If you need a switch at each end either series or parallel the switches on the homing input as needed or follow the hint and use 1 switch and trigger it at each end of it's travel.


PS the Federate has been fixed. All 5 of them.


I should have searched the forums about limit switches (appears to be a recurring question).

Would help if the documentation contained a diagram such as the one found in

PS - URL links in the PDF are broken in "v5.9 - 10 Oct,2020"


There is also this