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Printed version of the Masso Documentation


To be honest I have found the documentation a struggle to use efficiently, combination of order in which information is provided and missing bits of information.

Yes - Section "5.5 Homing Sensor Identify & Connect" does contain the relevant information but it only uses the term "Homing" with no reference to "Limit". A review of the "5.2 Setup MASSO Mill" mentions "limit switches" but does not list "homing switches" (a similar inconsistency between "drives" and "Axis Servo/Stepper" as Drives could also be referencing a VFD).

EDIT: In my opinion "5.5 Homing Sensor Identify & Connect" should be merged with "9.12. Homing / Home Inputs".

I would be re-writing the "Getting Started" sub-section of the "Setup MASSO Mill" as follows:

Getting Started

To configure MASSO you first need to connect a minimum of following items:

Ideally you would also connect your:

You can connect these as you configure each of these components.

I was scratching my head to figure out if "Auto touch off" referenced "Touch Probe", "Tool Setter / Touch Plate" or "Automatic Tool Length Calibration". For the second group of items (E-Stop through to VFD) the details are in different sections of the documentation ("Setup and Calibration", "Quick Start Guides", etc).


EDIT: The current sections "12. Tool Setter / Touch Plate" and "13. Automatic Tool Length Calibration" should be merged into a single section. The first section is the wiring while the "Automatic Tool Length Calibration" is the configuration. The combined section should be moved under "9. Setup and Calibration" as this deals with wiring and associated calibration.

EDIT2: Section "12. Tool Setter / Touch Plate" appears to be a poor copy of section "11. Touch Probe" as it directs the user to configure the input as a "Probe Input Signal" instead of a "Tool Setter Input" as mentioned in the video tutorial.

There appears to be a duplication in the documentation:

"3.5 Loading Software to MASSO-G3" versus "4.1 Loading Software to MASSO-G3"

"3.6 Loading Software to MASSO-G2" versus "4.2 Loading Software to MASSO-G2"

In the PDF the conversion of the "Powering MASSO-Gx" sections has resulted in half a line of text in superscript. Looks like a common fault wherever bold has been used.