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Probe cycle not working.

When I click the center button nothing happens.  If touch the probe to the spindle it goes from low to high in Masso.I watch the video, check the wiring, and check the form here and I cannot figure out what I’m doing wrong.

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Hi Kencnc411

Can you please confirm your Masso serial number?

Can you let me know how many axis you have on your machines software?

If you have axis that you are not using on your machine can you please ensure you put some dummy settings into the axis as leaving 0 values in an unused axis will cause problems.

Cheers Peter


MASSO Mill 4-Axis , Wi-Fi Software v3.42 for Serial No. G3-5642.   I watched your excellent tutorial on probing again last night and noticed that you’re not using a ground clip between the touch plate and the spindle.   The Probe using is an active probe, and when contacted to ground, it should communicates its position to MASSO.  Could this be part of the problem?  See attached photo.
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Hi Kencnc411

I loaded your file into my G3 and found it would not probe as you said.

I found that the A axis on your machine has not been configured and still has 0 values in it. Please enter some dummy values into this axis and the probing cycle should work for you.




Thank you!  I will give this a try tomorrow morning.