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Probe Errors

After 8 months of using the Masso controller I'm starting to get intermittent probe errors when I use my touch plate...any ideas how to resolve this? For now I'm rehoming the machine then rebooting. It might or might not happen several times before it quits and acts normally. No changes to the machine since I first installed Masso so I can figure a cause. Might a bypass capacitor across the probe and ground help?

Sounds like an intermittent ground issue.

@jerry-in-maine can you share some info about your probing setup, some pics and wiring diagrams?

just a wire from input 32 that grounds when the probe touches the touch plate. I connect and run this file

G38.2 Z-1 F5

G92 Z.856 (touchplate thickness)

G0 Z1

the bit will move down and this usually works to set the Z height, but sometimes I get a probe error as the bit is coming down. I can then touch the probe to ground and see the input and see the PROBE text at the bottom of the screen turn green so MASSO still seems to see the probe input switch states. If I rewind and run the file again afterwards the bit seems confused...sometimes it'll go up, or maybe crash into the workpiece.

I think you are getting an alarm because if for example you gave a command of Z-1 to probe and within that Z-1 movement if the probe signal was not received then the system gives an alarm telling the user that there was no probe signal received within the requested motion. a simple way to fix this is to increase the Z value in your G38 command.

I'll try that. I've been pretty careful to make sure the bit starts within the 1" specified but we'll see how it goes.