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Probing Z input on Masso We need more input options PLEASE!

Is it possible to add a input that is the equivalent to Probing Z, and Set Z as on the probing screen as I would like to install a push button switch on my CNC that would set both of these functions in motion

That way I could move X and Y axis to where I want, Place touch plate under the tool and press the button to Zero my Z axis

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I am wondering if it was possible to map screen commands by mouse to key presses or inputs it would allow for custom control. A simple cheap embedded processor can emulate keyboard for USB and send keyboard presses for functions like probing Z such as mouse equivalent of  "Probe, Probe Z, Set Z, Exit" this would allow for a Bluetooth or wireless MPG controller or even a hard wired button to do probing at beginning of running GCode, that said I am sure that there should be more options for inputs on the Masso as it is a feature of this equipment (I am pretty sure if you assigned every input to the preset inputs available there would be plenty more available)

Just a Thought....

OK my research has led me to a 40 dollar processor board with WiFi, also a very easy way to design a virtual mpg for android and iOS, I can basically assign buttons on phone to inputs on Masso over a WiFi link set up on the processor board. I Have purchased all the required parts so will build a working demo so you can see what I am talking about in action over the next few weeks. This would allow for wireless control of the Masso and pretty much the ability to do anything you can with the mouse, There is one big problem even though the Masso has enough inputs to allow for simple MPG button presses most of the functions I would like to see are not available. If I get a demo done using this tech just for what I can control maybe we could work together to add a few more features. Honestly I really want to see more options in the assignable input selection of the Masso G3. But I will build a android mpg and see if anyone is keen to see its features expanded further.....

Cheers Steve


Here is a screen shot of what is possible, multiple screens assigned to inputs if they exist.

The unlabelled buttons are 3 in a row to select 1mm, .5mm, or .1mm jog in step mode

and the x in bottom left is cycle start

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All the Buttons on the phone are mapped to outputs on WiFi based micro controller already. I was thinking i could use either pwm with a filter to produce DC value for analogue input or just a digital potentiometer controlled by spi connected to analogue input of course masso would need to add jog speed as a function for the analogue input, 0V = left,  full +ve V = right  (Its not a bad idea as it would allow for a rotary or linear pot to be used for people building their own custom panels) it would be a fairly useful addition

With all of these functions working you could load Gcode with a mouse and use you phone for project setup and run the gcode