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PROMA 150 THC Not work

I'm building  my CNC plasma ,I have Masso G2 controller ,and Hypertherm powermax 65A, plasma source,and Proma THC  . I used Separate power supply 24vdc  to THC .

I connect wiring as per  Ross Wiring diagram I used  ,I do g code in seetcam .

Torch is triggered with masso arc is coming , when I do cycle start  , plasma torch goes up during  cutting time ,Torch not stay to closer to metal . Why would it start rising after it starts cutting? I have the THC setting on default

Please help  me

Add me to Line id, Will try to help you.


Thanks  Ross

Will going to add in line .

Thanks .


Video is of my settings for the Proma THC and is now added to My YouTube channel.