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Protrak mx2 Black Screen


Is it possible to replace old Protrak mx2 control box with the MASSO UNIT.

This equipment will go on Bridgeport Vertical Mill  Series 1 2hp I bought new

in 1980. Screen went out about a year ago 2nd or third time and they are much

more expensive now.  I been retired for 15 yrs, just want it to work, make something

to use around the house every now and then. Thanks George



Hi @george, it all depends on the motors and drivers on the mill. There will be servo/stepper motors with their respective drives somewhere in the control box. If you can find those and post the info here on models etc, someone (most likely Arie) will be able to tell you if Masso will work.


I know this is an old thread, but I also have an old MX2 on my bridgeport.

I just called Southwestern Industries a couple days ago to upgrade my MX2 controller.  I about cried!   The new KMX that would replace the MX2 would be over $6,000

I started doing some research and found the Masso.  I have some pictures here, but I'm afraid to unplug these cards to get a number off them.  With these pictures, can someone tell me if the fully integrated Masso with the 15" screen will work?  I took a few pictures, but I couldn't see a number on the cards.  This machine has very old encoders that are a wheel that rolls.  I could maybe upgrade to glass scales if I could make this Masso work.



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Here is a picture of the monitor and the encoder.


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Can someone at least guide me in the right direction to buy a couple drivers that will be compatible to this G3 and my brushed servo motors?  I have no idea where to start looking.

I have built a couple machines and used Mach 3, but they are with stepper motors. I’ve always been afraid of Servos. I just need a good brand to start looking? Where to buy?


Hi George I'm in the middle of converting a Bridgeport R2E3 using Masso and the Gecko G320X drives it's working as of today just hooked up the belts and can move axis and home. I'm still working on dialing it in and adding the hard limit switches. The geckos have been great but Max out at 80v so I had to make a power supply from a 50v toroidal transformer and Bridge rectifier which put me at 62v in the end. Pretty much everything else I'm using was original Home switches, limit switches, servos, power supply capacitors and resistor.


Also I did upgrade my encoders to AMT102V and had to turn down the end of the servo shafts in my lathe