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Remote mount masso touch

I’m looking to put a masso touch on my mill, but where I would like to sit the masso control module is in the electrical cabinet at the back of the machine, where I would like the touch screen and input buttons amd USB loading port to be on the front o the mill at the operators workstation. Is there a set of cables to put un to extend the range of the masso from the screen assembly some 5 meters.

Hi Macarms

There is no extension cable to allow the internal G3 of the MASSO touch to be relocated.

Cheers Peter

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It looks like it would be easy to do, with say 2 x USB extension cables and just a cable for the buttons to the inputs, does that touch screen need a VGA cable also.


Passive USB cables over 2 metres are not recommended in any situation, but the problem is not there.
G3 in the Touch doesn't use a VGA connection to the LCD screen, but a special cable and the LCD also receives it power from the G3.

Also read the Touch FAQs.



Ah ok, would I have issues (with noise) or anything else if I ran a masso touch (G3 unit left inside the console)  on the front of my mill and ran cables to the rear of my machine to connect to the drivers, inputs outputs and the relays etc some 4-5m of cable length

Inputs and outputs can run 5 meters from the controller.
The length of cable between the controller and the drives would depend on the drive type. For example differential drives have greater noise immunity than common ground drives and each machine is different.
I cannot tell you how your drives will behave over a distance of 5 meters. If possible it is best to keep cable length short.
Properly shielded cables is a must if logic signals are going to be extended over any distance.
When it comes to noise there is no way of knowing. Every machine build and the environment in which is is located is different.

Cheers Peter

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