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Retrofitting Plasma Table with JMC AC Servo Motors


I've been asked to retrofit a Plasma Table and I used to modify all the framework, I'm expert in cabling and engineering even if I'm still learning about AC Servo Driver.

At the moment I can do some tricks directly from Servo Driver but I'm not able to establish a good communication with MASSO G3, then I've to ask following questions, that's because my motor can't run as fast as I would, then let me ask:

  • is JMC motors & driver good to be used with MASSO?
  • I've to move a machine of  450kg
  • I'm using mechanical reduction 45:1
  • actual motors are 2.39 N/m
  • Motors power are 750 Watt

I really need to have some consultancy also under payment, that's because I need to finish the machine in 1 month,

thanks Ivo

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