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Rotary for router mill


Hi rroie

Here are the post processors I created for VCarve and Aspire. There are 4 new post processors and they will work with all versions of Aspire 2.1 and greater / VCarve Pro 5.1 and greater.

The rotary axis is output as the A axis to suit Masso.

I have not tested these so please be careful. Do a quick visual inspection of the GCode first, let me know if you find any issue with them and I will get it fixed ASAP.




Uploaded files:

Thank you Peter.

I knew if your attention was drawn to it, Roie's problem would solved.



Thank you every one for the responses. I have printed the cheat sheet. Fusion 360 is pricey and cloud based. I am not much for subscriptions. I have Solidworks but just use it to convert file types. Should buckle down and learn it I guess. I know nothing about g code. Use Aspire for design software and to generate g code for me. Have two E-Stop buttons for when I get in trouble. I will get the A axis stepper driver installed to day and will give the post processor a run.

Thank You so very much guys


PS: I have lost three computers this last year. Lost all pictures. Here is a sample of what I was doing on the old Gatton Router CNC.

Uploaded files:
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Quote from rroie on August 12, 2019, 12:13 pm

Fusion 360 is pricey and cloud based. I am not much for subscriptions.

Fusion 360 is free for hobbyist and business with income < $100k. Just look for hobbyist when signing up.

You have to renew your subscription each year.

There are lots of youtube channels on the use of Fusion, some of the best are

That's how I am learning.

I knew nothing about gCode before I started this journey with the Bicton Men's Shed CNC Router. When you see a gCode command that you don't understand just google it, there are plenty of sites that explain each command.



Well, I certainly qualify for a free version. So maybe I will give it a try. YouTube is how I learned Aspire. Appreciate the links. Can not thank you enough for all the help.

Thank You