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SAI EnRoute

We are looking at using SAI EnRoute to generate our tool paths. We don't currently have a subscription but use their other products and will work in with our workflow.

Is there likely to be any issues in making a preprocessor for it?

Hi msl

Making a post process should not be a problem but it is SAI EnRoute that will need to make the post processor for MASSO.
You need to ask them if they already have a Post Processor for MASSO and if not if they can make one for you.
If they need assistance they can contact MASSO Support and we will be happy to help with any questions they may have. (Email address at the top of the page)
The following should be a good starting point for them if making a Mill Post Processor.
They may need additional information if they are making a Post Processor for Plasma or Lathe

Cheers Peter

Thanks Peter

I bounced an message across to support a few days ago, not sure on the backlog. SAi were looking for a piece of sample code so they could build up a matching up a preprocessor. Is this something support could help with please? I could write out the raw GCode that runs on Masso for it but I'm new to Masso and don't know if there is something else that should be in there. Failing that I'll see if they can make a preprocessor based on the file the conversational wizard makes although that creates a lot of excess code due to it making pockets.

SAi: We need an output file of the GCode, square and circle with toolchanger in between if the machine has toolchanger.

Hi msl,

Could you let me know the MASSO Support ticket number and I will have a look or is the support desk you are talking about the SAi one.
Cheers Peter

Hi Peter

I can't find a ticket or email confirmation (sent it via the website).

Should I send another to the email?



Hi Duncan,

Here is a sample file I made for you. There should be 4 file inside.
It is a 150mm square with a 125mm circle in it.

There is a image file and a summary of the file as well as a DXF file.
I am assuming that you are looking at Mill.

Hope this helps
Cheers Peter

Uploaded files:

That's great. Thanks for your help Peter