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Servo drivers AB Ultra3000 and G&L drives

From my previous experience I know that AB Ultra3000 and G&L AC drives  are able to run in Follower encoder mode: step & direction.

Did anybody try to run them or any other AC servo with Masso and with what result?


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can you please share a link to the drive user manual.

Dsm 100

Also have dsm micro drive
All drives with matching motors. Would like to make it work without PLC. (Like SLC500)
Would make things way more simple instead of
Programing in plc too.
Thanks a lot

as per the manual the drive can work with STEP and DIR signals.

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comment avez vous cablé sur votre masso

je suis en train de cablé des Ativa  DGM 460   ce qui me semble similaire

je n arrive


merci de votre aide