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Setting plasma On Off for Masso G3

I build cnc plasma for the first time.  Use Masso G3 and for plasma source GYS Cutter 45 and for THC proma150 Dir Step model.

My problem is the documentation in the web show how to connect output for plasma off and plasma on with Masso G2, i have Masso G3 and don't have output relay in Masso G3 only see Output TTL
So how to do, use any output TTL and connect one wire in output TTL and other wire in Power+ ?

All the alim plug near output are Grd (-)  already connect output TTL and Grd but plasma don't start. If all alim plug near output are Grd have reason i think, i afraid if i use Power + can burn somethings

Please can have wiring about MASSO G3 With plasma source and THC Proma150

Best regards

The TTL outputs were discussed here:

Look here:

Plus search my name to find most of your answers: Ross

You can look at this aswell, it might help!

Thanks Segoman and Ross, it's more clear now in my head and know now need ttl output command a dry contact like relay for switch on off the torch.

I don't have classic relay with me now, just many SSR relay. SSR relay can works for switch on off the torch.

When plasma cutter say "Arc Ok torche can move" to Masso can also add SSR Relay or Plasma cutter are usualy already relay inside ?

What fo you think about my schema ?  Don't have errors ?

Best regards

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I only just saw this topic and your diagram. I don't want to sound critical but the only wires you have right on it are the power supply to Masso and possibly the connection of the Divider to Proma.

You need to connect it as per the documentation.

It is unlikely that you can use a SSR to turn the arc on and off as they are designed to AC applications not DC. You also have the input side connected incorrectly as well. Terminal 3 should go to Masso Ground and Terminal 4 should go to the TTL output.

The Z axis stepped directly to Masso and not through the Proma as you show.

The Arc ok comes from Proma and not from the Plasma.

Hopefully you have already sorted this out and are up and running.

Cheers Peter




Hi Peter

Thank you for your comment about the diagram, you have raison i was try with SSR and don't work, so i was use normal relay for start Torch On Off it's works
The source plasma i use is GYS 45 CT and don't have Ohm change or Volt change when Arc start so i don't use Arc Ok fonction. But always the arc start and piercing before the machine move to cut so may be the function check "Arc Ok" before machine move no need with new source plasma ???

I don't start to connect THC i'm beginner and don't thinking need for THC a floating head, so i design new head

For the Thc Proma i'm a little afraid because i don't buy classic Thc Proma, but SD Proma the Thc manage directly stepper motor, i do the diagram like Proma documentation but don't see any information about wiring this SD Proma with Masso
You can check their documentation it's very different than documentation in Masso forum. In SD Proma don't have wire to TTL output but Z axis

Say me what you thinking about THC Proma SD
When i finish and have success i create new diagram to share other people


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