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Sherline Masso Controller - What Version of Masso is this?


I have a Sherline mill which I'm having a blast with. But the Masso controller seems to be very different from what you show on the website. Two obvious differences are a substantial lack of IOs and there seem to be some G-Code options not available in this controller that are available in the Masso manual. Is there a way to get more information on this version?  I am thinking about eventually getting a limited function laser module for it to do vector line drawing and cutting only. So being able to g-code for on/off would be necessary. Any strength setting I would handle with a rheostat or other manual input on the laser itself.

From what I can see the only option in the Masso manual is a 24V relay coil activation as an output option however it is not clear how to use this. Is it a setting on the setup screen or can it be toggled by G-code during a run.

thx, W


Sherline uses a modified version of the G2 to handle the spindle speed controller.

The software for Sherline products is the same code that is available for all G2s.

There are functions shown in the documentation that is not available on the G2 because of memory limitations.

At the bottom of this page is how to wire up and assign relays on the G2, the outputs referred too, (7 connector block) are in the bottom right corner of the G2.

The outputs switched on by issuing M commands 06, 07, 10, 11 and M09 turns them off.

Else you can wire up the TTL outputs as per

and then use M64/M65 Px where the Px is the TTL output selected and assigned by Auxiliary Output (1 to 16)

Don't know how Sherline have provided access to the inputs & outputs of MASSO, so you may need to wire directly to MASSO.




Could you supply your configuration file, I'm trying to solve another user's Sherline mill problem and I would like to compare setting files.



Will do this morning, what is the file name. I’m not at the machine but I likely have it saved locally.

I found them, this is from 12.21.2021 and I don't think I've made any changes other than turning on output 1 to coolant flood.


Uploaded files:

@breezy and @madb1rd

I found the following picture of the Sherline variant of the Masso controller:

The placement of the MPG connector (the D-15 "Aux" connector) is consistent with a G2 controller (same side as the video connector).

It appears that not all the IO terminals have connectors (they appear to be board-to-board connectors).


That is correct.

Sherline's MASSO is a modified G2. The daughter board is the interface to Sherline's speed controller.




Thanks for the settings file, just a couple more questions.

When you issue positive X & Y commands which direction does the bed move?

And where are the X & Y homing switches located in respect to the front of the machine.



Hi Arie,

XY commands move normal to traditional mill parameters meaning the mill head moves cutter up, right and away for positive inputs. This means for x the table goes left and for y the table comes to the front. X limit switch is mounted to the right side of the table and activates when the table is full left. The Y is mounted to the front of the base (lower left side) and is activated when the saddle is closest to the front. I can take pictures if you want. But Sherline has a great manual for installing them on their website.


One of my questions about the Sherline version of the G2 board is it seems like there are a lot of unused ports on the board. Is it possible to install a header to some of them and make them usable, such as providing another TTL output?

Uploaded files:
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