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Show absolute max and min machine coordinates in F2/F3 screen

In den F2/F3 Screen Masso shows the minimum and maximum working coordinate offset relative to the current x0 y0 coordinate.

This two values are shown at the left and the bottom of the travel lines.

To better align material which size is close to the maximum travel distance, it would be good to display the minimum and maximum of the machine coordinates too. So it would be easy to see, if all positions can be reached.


My favourite would be, if the working coordinate min/max would be shown at the left and bottom as currently. And the machine coordinates maybe on the top and right in a different color, e.g. in red.


Background of this request:

I got it multiple times now, that Masso has stopped in mid of the machining, because it has detected, that one of “next” G commands would be an out of bounds position. Unfortunately this happened after 20 minutes of machining time and the detect was not the next command, it was about 100-500 commands ahead of the current line on a different Z-high. Which makes it hard to find.


As workaround I can for sure, zero my X and Y axis and travel to the min/max of each axis, to see if the working coordinates can be reached.


Is there any other easy way to check this?

Hi lala

I don't know if this will help but in the next G3 release the actual line of Gcode that causes the Soft limit will be displayed on screen.
If the Gcode has line numbers written in them then locating it will be easy.

Cheers Peter

It would be better than currently, but the coordinate may still be a working coordinate? Or is it shown as machine coordinate?


Working coordinates do always require calculations, while machine coordinates would be easier to read, how many the work piece would have to be moved.


Fusion360 does print a line number, however Masso stops displaying it after N9999 has been reached. Since Fusion360 does increment the line number by 5 for each line, this is reached very often for me.