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Solid state relay that works with Masso

Hi Guys,

I been struggling to find a solid state relay that works with the TTL output of masso controller.

I just want to share the one that I done and works without burning my masso.

I have this Chinese, 4 solid state relay that don't works on Masso because the triggering Chanel need negative power and the triggering power that comes on Masso is positive. if I bench test the relay and check if there is power between the negative power and triggering Chanel it's read about 2.5 volt of power not zero.

I read one of post of PETER that it's need zero power between this two.

So I take off one of the solid state relay and hook-up directly to pin 1 of output and one on the ground and it's works.


Here is the video:



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Nice looking board. I had a look and see they come in 2 types. Trigger High and Trigger Low.

Cheers Peter