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solidworks post processor

hello,i am using solidworks for most 3d parts i am modelling.what post processor should i use for masso cnc mill?

there is no masso in solidworks lists.

is there any general purpose post procesor that works with masso or it doesnt matter what procesor i am using in solidworks?




Solidworks is a CAD program.  Do you have a CAM program which outputs G-Code?

Cheers, Stephen Brown


solidworks  since 2018 is able to output g-code for 2.5 axis and limited 3 axis without camworks. it has a list of post procesors but i do not know what is the apropriate for masso.

i am not own a masso yet. i am searching the parameters to see if is is fitted to my needs .

how you guys output g-code for masso? (using solidworks part file) . is there trully a difference between post prosesors? what if i use mach3 post processor? is it compatible with masso?

i am sure that there are many people in this forum that uses solidworks too.