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Sprutcam 14 Postprocessor



Very excited to receive my new machine with a masso g3 touch controller in 3 weeks.
The post processor for vectric I already found. But I am also using Sprutcam for 3D milling
is there a postprocessor available for sprutcam?

Now I am using a postprocessor for Edingcnc (USBCNC) in sprutcam. Or is it possible to use
this post processor for the Masso

Kind regards,


Is it possible to use the 3 axis postprocessor of USBCNC (Edingcnc) or will this cause problems?

Maybe someone can point me in the right direction to rewrite it for the masso controller?


Make sure the PP doesn't use G & M codes that MASSO doesn't recognize.