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Support for Touch Screen Monitors



i'm Riadh from Tunisia .

any news of other touchscreen monitor tested with MASSO cnc maybe 19" or 20" ? the 3 monitors brand listed in 
MASSO page are difficult to find in TUNISIA .
Any help



at this stage the only screens that are supported are displayed in the supported list

Please i find this open frame touch screan monitor on china store i seems the same as

the monitor ichawk screen K120TC DUV2  mentioned in your forum .

this is the 15 inch one . please do you think this 15inch will work with your masso cnc controller.

best regards

please search the forums I think we saw another client who has confirmed that this screen already works with MASSO.

I have a ebay 17" and touch works perfect

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thanks for sharing the info @ezzupturbo

Just to add to the info.

I bought a 17" monitor from newegg that works just fine. I've seen this 1703M model listed under numerous manufacturers/vendors.