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THC, is there a need for something that works with G3 ?

Hi LiLow that's fantastic we have a lot in common would like to catch up and share some ideas are you in victoria cheers Trev



It can't be too hard.


Cheers Lilow seems they need to have more people show interest before acting on some improvements  cheers

First off just sticking a thc unit on a masso not going to work good I tried it . ..  the masso needs THC delay control. anti dive features  THC z axis response control and separate excel just for THC  that not going to happen


with Saigon man  thc unit  any unit put out up down feature  take the MINI for example it drive masso just fine   but with out the other features thc  hit or miss . as Hypertherm Jim colt stated many times


THC unit and z axis needs to be .0004  to get good THC height control    ..  it masso would simply add   THC  reaction controls like excel and ipm  .anti dive features  and a thc delay built in there software they have a nice plasma controller    take uccnc look at there thc controller  or vital systems hicon  there voltage card and the new mach 4 plasma screen  makes it one of the best plasma thc built in controllers


having all thc setting on the screen and not in g codes is what is needed .  that way no reposting when setting change is needed  .. I been building a lot of plasma tables helped a lot of people fix there mfg. built tables  . FB page CNC plasma table builders .. I really had high hopes for the masso and plasma but just could not get the thc part  going good  it  lack thc control  masso just not interested in plasma .


You seem to be on a mission here with what you wrote.

You know it is actually good to get a comment after all this time.

For a start Jim Colt could be the the guru, I have read a few of his articles, but it was mainly regarding Hypertherm.

Yes 0.004v of a divided volt is good, but I am get better than that.

This reaction of the THC is really measured by the reaction of the Up / Down comparator signal compared to the speed of the Z axis if it is working within Masso as compared to the feed rate.

The acceleration comes back to the settings configured in F1 screen.

Whether using  G0 Z / G1 Z or M667 F130, doesn't the acceleration remain the same.

In the commands used, there is a delay for a reason.

You may have to work out what you would actually need and then put it to Masso.

My life for 20 years has been spent finding a design or something like THC that I could put together that works for both Plasma and Tig welding.

I have it now.

Most things that have been written regarding anti-dive, slow down in corners has not been needed in my 20 years of Plasma operation..

Most of the cutting speed recommendations put out by the manufactures are not actually correct.

You have to find what works for yourself, that includes everything.

I know my THC works with Plasma and now with 3D Tig welding.

You a so right, Masso is just not interested.


Quote from Tpos on July 27, 2020, 8:00 am

Hi LiLow that's fantastic we have a lot in common would like to catch up and share some ideas are you in victoria cheers Trev

I foresee a run on TED's at the local watering hole in the near future..

SegoMan Designs.

The new CNC will run a Prof 163 ACC Cebora unit.

Not Hypertherm.

May have to get a High Definition to prove a point at a later stage.

So just some old style technology.

Teds run riot around here.


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I just went into the post you mentioned.

Many of these persons are having trouble.

Much of the same situations encountered with getting a THC to work with Masso.

So many areas that some fiddle around with.

Masso actually does work with THC.

If Masso would come on board there would be a simple plug and play operation.

It would solve a hell of a lot of headaches for everyone.

While my bum points to the ground, they will not contact me.

All this here could be a benefit for the Masso brand.



Is this your FB page ?

Jeff Coldon

Have you got it working. What uccnc controller are you using . This makes no sense to what happens hear. If you do a dry run. Make a test file no THC codes .. turn off the torch power. And run the posted file try that . It has to work. The files you sent me work fine . except way to many thc on and off on every turn . And you switch offset settings for torch slide different on mine .

Cnc plasma table builders / F/B page.

Just asking.