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THC’s that work with Masso?

With Masso’s “No Show” on a promised integrated digital THC that was posted over 1-1/2 years ago here:

Quote from MASSO Support on December 18, 2018, 10:56 pm

"That's great @ross and we have also been hearing about too many issues with PROMA, need to get away from PROMA ASAP. Our DTHC design with optically isolated signals that we have been working on for some time now is nearly done, we are just getting the new units made and starting trials on some client machines very soon."

Jatinder what happened to this? Your posts led me to believe you were on top of the THC game which is why I designed my build around your system and purchased it.

The documented working THC’s on the forum are Ross with his Proma unit and Lilow with his stand alone unit. There are many failed attempts with the Price units that has good reviews with other CNC controllers on various sites.

Does anyone have any input with the the PlasmaSensOut unit?

Torch height controller – PlasmaSensOut

This controller is relatively new to the game and upgraded from USB type connections to fiber optic cabling to link the sensor & the control unit. This allows the controller to be mounted at the console for adjustments on the fly and isolation of noise at the plasma box.

Post up what you have that works or what did not work because as you know without a properly working THC the plasma table is wasted $$ and space in the shop.

Thanks for your input.

Thanks for the mention SegoMan Designs.

At the moment I have failed get it working completely with Masso, but at one stage I did get some response to the up / down signals.

Then lost these signals.

It's been a trying 2 weeks, but found a discrepancy at the input power to the comparator board.

This could have been the issue when the signals were lost.

I found this while trying to refit the standalone that had been working for 22 months with no issues.

I will do some more testing and try again soon.


SegoMan Designs.

I just dragged out another THC purchased but never run.

Actually I have 2.

These put out Arc OK, Up, Down signals.

So lets have a look and see if they will do real time Masso.

I will set one up and get it working on the test bed.

It is advertised as to work in Mach3 and another.

I think the reason for no development is that no time has been spent in this area.

You cannot build or modify what you haven't done before.

It comes down to the experience.

The experience others will go through with THC can tear your hair out.

I'll set this up.

Cheap as chips, $150 US, can afford to stuff these up.

Not like my price for a Masso.


Link to it.

User manual.

Uploaded files:
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  • IMG_7698.JPG
  • IMG_7699.JPG
  • IMG_7700.JPG

Got some power now.

Good start.

Lets start looking at the manual.


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Dingo Wrangler to the rescue again!

Still awaiting Jat's side of the story.


Thanks Mate!

After blowing something up, No wires were assigned.

THC 3T sent me another board with wiring marked.

This after there were no instructions of where the wires went.

He sent me another one with everything itemised.

Worth a try.


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  • IMG_7706.JPG

They offer a Hypertherm unit w/ pot and no divider board for 120 US

Over the next 2 weeks I will go over everything done.

I'm starting to believe that Masso has let us all and those down in the Plasma world.

What could have been  a great situation, has let down by not accepting what others are doing, but pressing on with touch screens, etc.

And not listening to the public.

It was designed after the Fanuc CNC,

Not what many people want.

We as a buyer just need simple things like a THC.

Many advisers to this forum do not know the intricacies of how a Plasma situation works.

It's even a bigger pain with Tig welding.


That's it from me, will just keep plugging along.

A comment from would be good.


I'm thinking this forum is hell on sleeping patterns as well, If I want live feed back it's up late at night.

I just inserted some M62/M63 commands in my test G code and have that working, curious to see the results of the ROBO T3T unit.

Quote from SegoMan DeSigns on March 15, 2020, 7:21 pm

I'm thinking this forum is hell on sleeping patterns as well, If I want live feed back it's up late at night.

I'm sorry that we live on the other side of the world, even upside down to the majority of people. But that's what happens when you buy Australian made products.

Quote from Lilow on March 15, 2020, 7:00 pm

Many advisers to this forum do not know the intricacies of how a Plasma situation works.

We are just users of the product like you are! I reply to questions on this forum because I want help people just like they helped me when I was setting up the MASSO for the Bicton Men's Shed, which is a community based group that provides a place for men to go to talk and learn from other men. My background is electronics and computers (Telstra), retired (made redundant) for the last 18 years. My interests lie in CNC routers. So I know nothing about Plasma and I have said so when answering questions that are about electronics related to Plasma. I'm still following your project because I would like to learn more about Plasma.