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Tool Breakage detection

  • @Breezy

This definitely sounds good and let me know if I'm asking too much but also would it be possible to have a box that I could adjust all breakage detection values to a single value.

It would definitely be a Time saver when running 30 plus tools

That way it would make it easy to add values to all the tools and then take away the ones that might not need to breakage detection

In previous experiences the breakage detection value doesn't need to be a precise number, depending on the substrate that people are working on there could be a tolerable chip buildup which is acceptable (for example a little bit of nylon stuck to the end of a drill or endmill) and usually anything more or less than 0.01 of an inch (having access to asjusting that value though is very nice.)

I feel like I've chosen right going with Masso I appreciate your guys's goals and values.

I spent my entire career working in designing, fabrication and CNC the last three spent in a custom integration robotics company before I decided to go out work my own business full time.

I used my first Masso I purchased to refit a brand new automatic tool change machine from China that had had controls that were almost hilariously unreliable. It is so far served me well and I look forward to refitting my other machines as I grow.

@breezy Hey, apologies for the delayed response. Yes that sounds perfect, can't wait to try it out. Although i am still a few weeks away from having my tool rack setup for auto tool changes, ah and a few other things.

I am so grateful for the effort you guys put in to this.



@breezy this is also excactly what i'm after, it would be great to see it implemented.