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Tool changer logic

Hi all,

Is there a way to program a tool change logic to suit a particular machine at a end user level?

Cheers Ryan

what type of tool changer do you have?

The tool changer logic is maintained by us and we can do the required changes.

I have multiple customers to whom i will be able to include a masso to their upgrades, all of whom who have different style tool changers. Also in this request, say for example a customer has an 8 station tool changer, if tool 9 is called upon it will be required to drop the current tool back to its tool changer location and then come to a manual tool change position for the next tool. It would be nice to be able to program this infront of te machine whilst doing an install  to check for any issues.

Cheers Ryan

Generally, the tools are limited to what a machine can support and MASSO will only use them. In your example the best way would be to replace one of the tools on the tool holder with tool 9, else the combination of features will cause confusion and issues.

Masso..can you program a controller based on the tool turrent info you are given by a customer is that right? Thank you.


@jackk4304 we can add the logic if the tool changer is a common/standard type. If its some custom made tool changer and not a common control logic then we might not be able to add the logic.

Hi, Sorry to revive an old thread, but I have a related question.

What information do you need to configure the tool changer logic etc..

I am seriously considering the Masso for a quick controller retrofit to get me out of trouble until a find a more permanent solution. I have a 24 bin atc, it’s the type that Has the tool laying horizontal, and the carousel rotates vertically, I can’t find anything about anyone using this type of ATC with Masso.

I am really in a bad place with a machine down, and some work coming in and I need to get this sorted pretty quick, and as cheap as possible.

@crossfire - If you have a rotating carousel then you probably have an Umbrella Tool Changer.

It’s kinda like an unbrella tool changer, except it’s vertical and has a lot more moving parts, and wires, and pneumatics... so it’s not really like an umbrella tool changer at all, except that it rotates...