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Touch Screen Interface

This topic will cover support for touch screens with MASSO as there are a lot of different types of screen out there.

Please report your screen model numbers that work or don't work so that we can compile a list in our documentation for users to easily find the right screen and at the same time support new screens with MASSO.

Further, any support related to touch screen will be handled in this topic.


G'day MASSO,

Thanks for the latest updates.

Before I get carried away on Ebay buying a touch screen, will I have to purchase an upgrade for full use of this feature?

My Wifi module turned up yesterday, off to plug it in.

Thanks for your work.


 MASSO software will only allow 10 screen tap’s so that you can evaluate the features and check your screen support with MASSO. A full version will be available for purchase.

hi Peter, yes there will be a small charge for this, this upgrade will be available for purchase on our website by tomorrow and the pricing will be disclosed then as I dont have any info at this stage.

Just been installing latest update which got me wondering about installing update if I only had a touchscreen as USB hub would have to be disconnected therefore touchscreen USB input. Not the VGA though so I guess all would be OK.

Have I got it right?

Disconnect USB hub

Install update - screen shows update installing with no USB

Update completed

Reconnect USB hub

away you go



yes Peter that is correct, basically all updates must be done by installing the USB pen drive directly to the MASSO without any USB hub.

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I have installed v3.35 onto my Masso board as per the upgrade instructions, but I cannot get my Asus VT207 touchscreen monitor's touchscreen functionality to work. I have tired all USB ports directly off the Masso card. Any suggestions? Thanks,



Once the software upgrade is purchased and paid for via PayPal .. how long does it take to receive the fully capable version?

No luck here with the Asus VT168 touchscreen either.

Didn't see a update specific topic so posting here. I ran this update with only the keyboard connected directly to the masso.

The update completed and I re-connected the usb hub and the mouse.

I can JOG the machine around just fine but as soon as I try to run a file (loads just fine) the system locks up.It does the same when I open a command window (forget the name).

I can enter G0 or G91 etc....but as soon as I try to tell the machine to move in one of the axis it locks up. I am including a save from my machine with this post.

Uploaded files:

The new touch screen interface the places the soft limit reached warning on the button we press.  My fingers cover up the entire button making it hard to see the warning.  Could you place it in the normal message warning location instead Machine Ready?