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Umbrella Tool Changer


Place to discuss implementation of Umbrella type tool changer

Lol you read my mind.  I plan on making my own umbrella style 8 tool changer mechanism from scratch. I have most of the mechanical movements modeled and the two way air solenoid control circuits roughed into my design but I stopped working on it because I need to understand the Masso logic, sensor and I/O requirements.

Cheers, Stephen Brown

great Stephen, we have two clients that are doing this right now and I will email them to share info on this forum and we can all get this going.

Hi everyone.
This is my Sieg SX2.7 that i have been converting to CNC over the past year. I have designed it to have a 16 slot TTS style tool changer.
Currently im still finishing off my wiring, but i will hopefully have that done this weekend. Once i finish that, ill than be able to run the wiring on the machine itself which will allow me so bring some life into it.

Here is a breif description of my machine inputs and outputs.

MASSO Outputs:

  1. Solenoid valve for drawbar.
  2. Solenoid valve for tool changer extension and retraction
  3. Carousel spindle motor

MASSO Inputs:

  1. Carousel tool count sensor
  2. Tool changer at retracted position sensor
  3. Tool changer at extended position sensor
  4. Z axis home/ limit sensor

Tool changing process???
1. Lift z axis from job
2. Spindle stop
3. Z - go to tool change height
4. Extend atc rack
5. Power drawbar release tool holder
6. Lift z to clear tool holder
7. Rack rotate to next tool position
8. Lower z to pickup tool holder
9. Power drawbar to clamp tool
10. Atc rack to retrack home

Please let me know your thoughts.


Uploaded files:
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  • SX2.7-ATC-SPECS-AB.jpg



Purpose I/O Type (Relay/Signal)
Limit X+ Input Signal
Limit Y+ Input Signal
Limit Z+ Input Signal
Lube Level Input Signal
Tool Ref Position Input Signal
Tool Cnt Input Signal
Tool Cyln Retract Input Signal
Tool Cyln Extended Input Signal
Servo Ready Input Signal
Spindle Zero Speed Input Signal
Tool Touch Probe Input Signal
Z Brake Output Signal
Rotary Clamp Output Relay
Tool Change Motor Output Relay
Draw Bar Output Relay
Tool Change Motor Direction Output Relay
Air Cyln Tool Changer Output Relay
Servo Enable Output Signal
Coolant Output Relay
Servo Power Output Signal
Stack Light Pos 1 Output Signal
Stack Light Pos 2 Output Signal
Stack Light Pos 3 Output Signal


Pseudo Code/Logic:

Recieve Tool Change Command: Requested tool #

Send spindle stop command

wait for spindle to stop

index spindle

lock spindle:
{activate air driven pin
check for full engagement of pin
check not pin not home position}

move z-axis to clearance height (home switch?)

move x-axis & y-axis to tool change position

move z-axis -4.38 inches (down)

extend tool change head:
{activate air cylinder [relay]
check not home
check extended}

eject tool socket:
{activate air cylinder[relay]
confirm not seated
confirm ejected }

move z-axis 4.38 inches (up)

rotate carosel approprite (shortest) direction:
{if requested tool # - current tool # > = 10 then :
MOVE_TC (20 - requested tool #, CCW)
MOVE_TC (requested tool # - current tool #, CW )}

move z-axis -4.38 (down)

clamp tool socket:
{deactivate air cylinder[relay]
confirm seated
confirm not ejected}

retract tool change head:
{deactivate air cylinder[relay]
check home
check not extended}

define MOVE_TC(PLACES, Direction):
{if CW then:
CW ouput HIGH
CCW output LOW
CW output LOW
CCW output HIGH
activate tool change motor
wait for input state to change PLACES times
deactivate tool change motor}

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Wow @ethan-downey that's an awesome tool changer design.  I love the combination of 3D printed parts and machined parts.  Thanks for sharing these details.  This will be very useful for my build.  What type of sensors did you use?

Cheers, Stephen Brown

thanks for sharing the info and the cool 3D printed tool changer photos. We are just busy working on a new software release and will start working on this in about a weeks time.

Hi Stephen Brown @testyourdesign
Thanks for that. I agree the combination of machined and 3d Printed parts look good. Once i get the machine going ill end up reprinting so everything is black. The red and white stain to easy lol. Glad this could help you and hope to see your build sometime.

The sensors are just SN-04N Proximity Sensor.


Thanks @masso-support that sounds great.

Here are some videos of my machines first movements.
I was able to get the tool changer functioning just by inverting the relays via massos controls. This was just a mockup to have some fun. Please excuse the toolholder drop. I forgot to catch it when i activated the relay lol. I also need to slow down the tool rack.

Nice videos, we will also be starting to document and share some information about the tool changer setup in the next few weeks.