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Umbrella Tool Changer

Quote from MASSO Support on December 3, 2019, 3:24 am

simple module to generate a pulses for your stepper drive

I used this exact one when figuring out how to use my closed-loop steppers. Very handy. The stepper motors had 15mm shafts and I needed 11mm to reuse the existing pulleys, so I bought some lathe cutting heads off Amazon and used an adjustable bench vise as an impromptu lathe to mill the shafts down under their own power. It worked great.

Has any had a problem when masso defaults back to tool 0 after power up? i have got my tool changer running and it works fine but if load say tool 3 and this is the last tool i use before i shut the machine off then turn it back on, the masso displays t0 but the spindle still has T3 . any thoughts? masso is G3 loaded with 3.46.1 software

@sean89 does this happen all the time or only in some situations?

can you make a video of this happening?

It happens all the time, after masso turns on i home the machine and the tool changer goes to the last loaded tool so it advances to the correct postion but on massos screen it shows T0 still

yes i can send a video can i facebook message it?

yes please send it on facebook but message us in the forums once done as facebook account is not monitored.

hi, i have sent the video with facebook. i have noticed that if i change masso to manual tool changer, masso powers on with whatever tool i had loaded when it was switched off.

so basically if manual is selected and i load T2 then turn masso off and on T2 is still loaded.

If i change to umbrella toolchanger and load t2 then turn masso off and on T0 is now loaded


thanks for the video and the issue has now been fixed, this will be included in the software update to be released this week.


Hi Masso Support

Can we have a option where we can tell masso what tool number is in slot during the homing sequence as i dont have a home sensor on my umbrella tool changer to find for slot one this is how  the system worked originally before retrofit machine is told which tool number is about to load  there are 20 tool positions  thanks in advance for your imput

Greetings from Slovakia, Europe

I plan use this 24v motor with gearbox with 25rpm for umbrella tool changer (12 tools) on my DIY cnc machine. And optical sensor 12 T + home.  BT30 tool holders.

Motor will be controlled via relay and MASSO output for spindle. Will be enough ? Or have you any tips for more proof motor ? (I find one with encoder output - it can help for more precision position ?

Many thanks, Michal




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