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Umbrella Tool Changer

Here is a video explaining what's going on.

thanks for the video, we have updated the homing logic and have emailed you the software.

We have some customers visiting until tomorrow so I don't have much time with the system currently, but I was able to run some initial testing today and it appears as if the tool changer is operating correctly!  I will be able to do more testing tomorrow afternoon and through the week to verify, but so far it handled all the test cases I threw at it.  Thanks so much for the support on this, this is a big step to getting this system back online and is very exciting for us.  With the tool changer functional, the MASSO will pay for itself in a short time.  Our previous controller was glitchy and could only run at 5 ipm or it would crash.  We've tested the MASSO at 50 ipm and it operated flawlessly so we will begin pushing that limit up and see where we get.  Hopefully, we can begin running production parts at the beginning of next week.


Bonus question:  Is there any future plans for bidirectional logic on the tool changer?  This would allow the tool changer to just run the shortest path to the next tool.  This is not necessary for us but would be a nice feature for the future.

not a problem and please give feedback once you get some time. if you can make a video then it will be helpful, thanks.

regarding moving the tools in both directions to find the closest path, we have already done that but disabled it because we first want to confirm that the basics work well, once this part is done then we will forward you another version with both side rotation logic.

Here is a video of the only problem I have been able to find.  The MASSO still errors out if the spindle is spinning when the tool change command is given.  This can be fixed by stopping the spindle prior to tool change in the post processor, but I figured you guys might want to know.

generally, the spindle should be stopped with gcode using M5 command before a tool change command and this is why you are getting this alarm but we can look further into this.

Is the rest of the tool changer logic forking fine? and is there anything else we need to work on before we look into this?

Yea, we are currently configured to stop the spindle before the tool change command so this error isn't an issue for us currently, it was more of just an FYI for you guys.  Logic is working fine so far!  We ran multiple tool changes the other day without any issues at all.  We will be keeping an eye out for any hiccups, but so far we have run it through the wringer without seeing any failures.

thanks for the update and we will look into this, once the logic is confirmed to be working ok 100% then we will move to this issue because doing in one step at a time means that multiple issues don't mix up. Once you have your testing done, please message us with your feedback/results and then we can move forward. See if you can share a video of the tool changes in action, will be fun to watch 🙂

Hello again!  I've been trying to get a video, but we are still learning and things aren't totally smooth yet, but I promise I will post one!  Things have been working well so far, but we just had a crash today during a tool change.  In my previous comment we would get an error without an M05 under MDI control, but today we had a GCode driven tool change that occurred without the M05 command.  This was a mistake that wasn't intended but the consequences weren't what I expected.  Rather than error out, the Masso began moving during the tool change, just after the umbrella extended.  This resulted in a crash against the tool changer and a broken grip (we have plenty of spares and this isn't the first time).  We have since fixed the code and replaced the M05, but I just wanted to let you guys know that the consequences are more than just an error when running Gcode vs MDI.  For reference, I did attach the GCode.  The crash occurred at line 4708.

Uploaded files:

@jonunder can you provide details to what gcode resulted in the crash? and then we can have a look what needs to be added to the logic to prevent this.