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Understanding Toolsetter and Probing with Masso G3

I connected my toolsetter as per instructions from Peter's video.
For some reason the Probe input will not work the way Peter suggested, infact there is no sign of action at all on this input in the F1 screen.

For my understanding:
What is the use for the auto tool zero function if there isn't any parameter for a offset parameter from the toolsetter related to the homed machine coordinate for the Z-axis?
In the Way Peter suggested in his video I must do a probing as a second action to get the bottom of my tool reletad to the machinebed or top of my workpiece.




Asking the question is answering it:
I must change the value for the Z-homing.
Leaves only the problem with the probing signal.




Hi Piet

I'm not sure which video you watched about probing.
Can you confirm that it was this one.

Probing and Tool setting are 2 different things and have 2 different inputs and do 2 different jobs.
Tool setting does not require an offset as it is just a reference point. It simply compares one tool to another.

Probing is used to set the zero point of an axis. In this case the touch off thickness needs to known.

How do you have your touch off wired. When the tool touches the touch off the input must change from low to high.

Cheers Peter

Hi Peter,

Yes I can confirm this is the video.
Everything is wired as in your video, toolsetter is on input 9, touchprobe is on input 10.
When I touch the toolsetter with a tool or using a simple wire for testing purposes input 9 changes from low to high.
That should be the same with input 10 for the touchprobe.
But the input for the touchprobe gives no respond at all.
If I wire the touchprobe input single without a connection to the toolsetter input 10 changes from low to high and visa versa.

I changed rewired inputs to 11 en 13, and hey, it works as it should be.
Further testing shows me that every combination between input 9 and resp. 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 gives the same error as above.
Input number 9 seems to corrupt somehowe.

Best regards,