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Vectric Postprocessor

Is anybody using Vectric Vcarve/Aspire as a CAD/CAM. If so what post-processor have you found to be compatible?

yes we had a client email us some sample files made in Vectric Aspire that work great with MASSO and we have emailed him, will update you once we get some info.

Thanks Masso, I'll wait with baited breath.

Thought to update you that we haven't heard back from the client.

So in Vectric do you have a post processor for MACH3? you can try to export using this and if you want then please also share the gcode file using MACH3 post and we can check it.

Vectric does have a Mach3 post.

I've been a Vectric user for many years and have lots of files from old jobs.

Every one of them I've tried has run on the Masso without any issues.

Thanks gmarsh1 

Just confirming it is the Mach3 PP you are using out of Vectric?


Yes, I used the Mach3 PP in Vectric 2D, Vectric 3D, and VCarve Pro 8.5

Thank you, do you need to change the gcode's file extension, because Mach3 out of Vcarve V9 uses the .txt extension?

I am still in the process of getting my CNC wired-up but trying to get prepared.

Again thank you. Patrick

.txt will be fine, MASSO will show .nc, .cnc, .tap, .wiz, .txt, .eia in F6 screen as per this link:

thank you @gmarsh1 for the great info, can you please share a screenshot of showing post processor to while selecting in Vectric so that we can add it to the online documentation and will be great help to others.