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Wanted testers for new Fusion 360 Post processors. Mill & Plasma


I try the post processor for plasma, but this error appear:

Error: Waterjet, laser, and plasma cutting toolpath are not supported by the post configuration.
Failed while processing onOpen().

¿What could be happening?

Hi Pablo,

The post Processor I uploaded was for Mill only. The Plasma Post has been attached below.

Let me know how it goes.

Cheers Peter

Plasma post processor for testing is now on Post #15

@testyourdesign @shine-on @peter35 @breezy

Hi guys

Hope all is good with you. Just wondering it you have had a chance to test the new Mill Post Processor and if you had any comments or suggestions you would like to pass on to Autodesk.

Arie has already given some suggestions that I have passed on but if you have found anything wrong or missing, speak now of forever hold your peace. 😉

Cheers Peter


Haven't spent any more time on the PP but will test any updates that you bring forward.

I'm not an expert on Fusion but I'm satisfied with the changes that I inserted into the PP. I haven't had a chance to test the resultant Gcode on the BMS MASSO, but the previous version didn't have any gotas in it. Any failures that I had were caused by operator error, either on the machine or in programing the toolpath in Fusion.

Fusion has grown to be beyond what a hobbyist would need as it has moved into the realm of big business and as a result it has a lot of features that are not needed for milling work.




Thanks Arie, Your input is always much appreciated .


Autodesk have sent me the revised post processor for Plasma.

There is now a Safe Retracts property to choose to output G28 or G53 at the end of the program if desired and they also added the workOffset.

Anyone who wants to try it is welcome, Just let me know how it goes and any suggestions or problems you find.

Cheers Peter


Uploaded files:
Quote from MASSO Support on March 16, 2020, 7:27 pm

Hi Guy's

Have been working with Will from Autodesk developing some new post processors and am now looking for some testers to try them out. I'm afraid I don't know anything about Fusion myself.

If you would like to try out the new posts please leave your comment here and which version you would like to try and I will get you the post to try out. All you need to do is try it out and let me know how it goes. If you find issues I will forward them to Autodesk.

It will be much appreciated.

Cheers Peter


PS if you are a lathe user there was a new Lathe Post processor release a couple of months ago.

Hi Peter,

I got around to trying the lathe post processor and am having trouble. Its uses the G97 to turn on and off the constant surface speed. When the machine heads for a tool change and gets given G97 S1600 just before the tool change the machine spins up instead of stopping.

Shouldn't it be G96 to turn on and G97 to turn off? I tried changing it manually but still takes off when given G97 S1600

It also has a M3 when it probably should have a M5?

Maybe i'm doing something wrong?

My file generated from fusion using the masso post.


Uploaded files:

Hi @ecs

Thanks for the file Josh.  I can see what you are talking about and I can see that all G96 & G97 are immediately followed by an M3.

The addition of the M3 after the G97 makes no difference because as soon as the G97 S1600 is issued to turn off  CCS the spindle changes to the specified speed of 1600 so it ramps up regardless.

In the case of tool change the T2 M6 stops the spindle so an M5 is not needed.

It is possible that I am missing something as I don't use lathe myself. Let me know if I'm wrong.

Cheers Peter


Hi Peter,

I'm no expert so you'd know more than me but that sounds right and also explains why these things have been happening.
Can you let me know when its fixed so i can download it again and try it out?

Thanks for your help!


Hi Josh

I'm not sure if change needs to be made to the Post processor.

The G97 turns off constant surface speed and the spindle changes back to 1600rpm which is why it ramps up especially if you were on the outside turning diameter.

Are you turning off the G96 when you do the tool change or is it automatic? Is there a setting in Fusion to leave Constant surface speed on or to set a new lower spindle speed when it exits CSS?

I don't use Fusion so don't know what the settings are. Hopefully someone who uses it can jump in and enlighten us.

Cheers Peter

Hi Peter,

I'm not aware of any settings but again i'm a newbie in this area.

I will take a video of the process to show how it works. Maybe its operating correctly and I just have a different view of how things should work. I just dont see why it would need to speed up as it goes for a tool change. I think a video will be best so you can see what i'm seeing.