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Wanted testers for new Fusion 360 Post processors. Mill & Plasma


It's not that hard if you are a programmer or ex-programmer (eg. myself).

The post file consists of variables and functions. Two of the variables are structures, the first is a list of user defined properties and the other is the definitions of those properties.

The rest is functions to write out the gcode for each action that toolpath is performing.

If you mess up the file, fusion will throw a failure file with the line number in the post where things went wrong, instead of an output file.

Best free editor to work with the post file is Notepad++



Hello i have been using the latest post processor for fusion g code, works good so far, im looking for help to mod post processor, for our production machine that is a 4 axis  machine with 4 sets of lathes with a single spindle, the problem lies in posting multiple work offsets (g54-58) and having to manually go in and change the g54 to G10 P0-p4. not sure if there is a way to change it but its difficult to comb through like 60k lines worth of code to change the one line out in each tool for each location. any help would be appreciated, more than happy to pay for someone's time if they can fix this.

thanks Jesse

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JesseTowne, give this a try and let me know if it works.

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