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Weeke BP80

Quote from derekmccoy on May 21, 2020, 9:10 am

Page 4-25 of the manual says X3 is analog input +-10V on Pins E1 and E2. Again, I’m not in any way saying these will definitely not work, but from what the manual says, it’s model DKC01.1 that accepts digital step/direction signals which is what Masso needs. Manual says on X2 is the “positioning or stepper interface”, which as you say is missing on these drives.
I think this is one where LinuxCNC and a Mesa board will work. I would post these images and the link to the manual over at the LinuxCNC forum to see what the guys there say.

Thanks Derek


I might look into the Linux/Messa Convertion but I will probably use it the may she is.