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What do people use for mounting pull-up resistors?

Given the number of queries about wiring issues (proximity sensors and stepper motor drivers) there appears to be a need for DIN rail mounted module for pull-up resistors.

What have people done in the past for wiring pull-up resistors?

My thoughts is a small board that takes a wire from the power supply positive terminal and provides N pull-up connections (N=4 to 8). Each pull-up connection having two terminals - one terminal for the sensor and one terminal that connects to Masso. I might be over-engineering this...

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That is basically what I did for the pullup's om my THC setup, take a look at this post:

Just modify it for your needs..

Hi @zombieengineer @fablab

On the MASSO G3 I would sleeve the resistor with a piece of clear heat shrink tubing so that is is fully insulated but visible and run it between the Auxiliary Red terminal and the input I wanted to use.
A bit simplistic but doing it this way it could be done very neatly indeed.
I would definitely sleeve the resistors to prevent a stray -ve wire coming in contact with the side connected to the Auxiliary terminal and blowing the fuse or worse, if you didn't install the fuse.
The input terminal is big enough for a resistor wire and the sensor wire or both the sensor wire and resistor could be crimped into the same boot lace connector for an even more professional look.
Just my personal opinion.

On a G2 this is not an option and I like the idea of a board such as described.

Cheers Peter

Wago has component modules with resistors, diodes etc.

I think it is a much nicer solution than clamping a resistor together with a wire at a masso terminal.

wago component module

wago component module


For Wago Modules, See: