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Wiring Homing sensor and endstop

I'm setting up my homing sensor and endstops
I plan to wire that like in my diagram
Is it correct ?
Thanks for your help, I'm a beginner in the world of CNC controller.

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What are you trying to achieve?

MASSO has only ONE limit/homing switch input for each axis, it doesn't need switches at each end of an axis, that is what soft limits are for.

Read this section Homing Switches and setting up homing in our quick setup guides.

If you want switches at both ends of an axis then you need to use the same type on each axis, NO proximity sensors wired in parallel or NC microswitches wired in series.




thanks for your answer
I've already seen that wiring schematic, and I though that it was more secure to set a switch at both ends of an axis
Could I do something like that ?

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Hi @jlrumeau

Your thinking about it wrong.
A single sensor can both home an axis on your machine and provide hard limits at each end on the machines travel if you use it right.

If you install the X axis sensor in the X carriage you can put a trigger at each extreme of travel and the sensor will trip when ever it reached either end.
you can then select one end as the hope position as well.
You can do the same with the Y axis. Make the sensor travel and have fixed triggers instead of the other way around.
Wiring is simplified and you need less sensors.

Hope this helps
Cheers Peter

Thanks Peter for your help
That's what I'm gonna do
It's more simple
Thanks a lot
Best regards