MASSO is the most cost-effective CNC controller that has a fully integrated hardware and software to run Mill, Lathe, Router, and Plasma machines!
In this video, we discuss:

  • How to get started with the MASSO
  • How to install the software initially
  • How to perform software updates down the tracks

MASSO comes with all these green connectors that can be used for connecting your cables.
On the left side, you have the VGA connectors and your USB connectors.
On the right side, you have the PlayStation controller connector and your MPG hand wheel connector.

If you need to unplug any of the green connectors, please make sure to do these steps:

  1. Remove the 4 screws from the top label panel
  2. Lift and slide out the panel to the left-hand side

NOTE: Do this before you try to unplug the connectors because they are actually locked to the panel. If you try to force open the connectors without removing the panel, you can actually damage the connectors, Please make sure to remove the panel first.

All MASSO controllers share the same hardware and support up to 5-AXIS!

masso cnc controller
If you ordered a 3-axis mill controller and later want to upgrade to 4 or 5-axis, then you simply do an upgrade through our website and we’ll send you an email with the updated software.
What’s great about that? You don’t have to worry about having different hardware models for 3-axis or 5-axis versions. You can get it all from MASSO!

To initially get started with the MASSO, you simply need a:

  • USB flash disk to load the software
  • 12-24 volt adaptor or power supply

STEP 1: Connect the power on the power connector.
STEP 2: Connect the VGA screen by plugging in the VGA cable.
STEP 3: Simply power up the MASSO unit.
Once it’s powered up, you will see this message on the screen:

“Thanks for purchasing Masso CNC controller!

To receive the software, please register & activate your unit by emailing Masso’s serial number 5A-2070 to and specify your machine type such as Lathe, Mill, or Plasma.”

If you haven’t received the software from us, you simply need to email us on support with the serial number displayed on the screen and let us know what software version you need.

To update the MASSO,
STEP 1: Prepare a USB pen drive using a Mac or PC and load the MASSO software.
STEP 2: After plugging the USB, go to the disk utility. From there select your USB drive, go to erase, and make sure format is set to Fat 32.
STEP 3: Once completed, copy the MASSO software file to the USB, then remove it. Make sure the file name is exactly how you received from us. Do not copy this file to any folder on the USB because the update will fail.

To load the software to the MASSO,
Plug the USB drive into MASSO USB connector and now switch on the power supply. MASSO will start updating itself, please wait for the progress bar to go all the way to 100%.

Once progress bar reaches 100% and stays in yellow color, that means that the update has finished.

If during the update the progress bar turns red at any point, that means the update has failed. You should retry to update the unit.

If no issue occurs, power off the unit then power back on, No need to remove the USB drive from the controller. You will see on the screen that the MASSO software has loaded and the system has started up.

You can watch the full video here:

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