Masso Touch

Fully integrated CNC controller powered by MASSO G3

15-inch industrial capacitive touch LED screen powered by MASSO G3 controller. Mount accessories or small stepper motor drives inside the unit with a large aluminium backplate to radiate heat.


The complete motion hardware and software system.

We have added all the CNC motion hardware and interface software so that you can concentrate on your business and machining parts rather than spending time troubleshooting PC driver, parallel ports and motion card issues.

You don’t have to worry about your PC issues interrupting a machining process. You don’t have to think about software compatibility problems or the hassle of updating drivers.

We have it all covered, no need to stress about PC hard drives crashing, file corruption or virus. Keep dust and cuttings away from system with a passively cooled design that does not need any cooling fans. Just a lightning fast system that is ready in seconds after power up.

In short, MASSO is the most stable, reliable, and easy-to-use CNC controller money can buy. And our service matches the quality of our controllers: We offer personalized support and free software updates for life.


Lightning Fast Startup Times

  • MASSO takes less than 10 seconds to start. You’re ready to get going with your G-code in no time.
  • Not affected by Viruses from USB Pen drives or through networks
  • No UPS needed – No Hard Drive crash issues
  • No cooling fans required – can be used in dusty environments
  • Resume machining after power failure


  • No motion card, drivers required.
  • All you need is MASSO with your stepper or servo motors, motor drivers, keyboard, mouse and a VGA monitor.
  • No need for PLC for tool changers.

Software engineered for stability and performance.

User Interface

Simple screen layout that is easy-to-use with support for touchscreen.

See and position your job in real-time with tool path display.

Tool Data & Calibration

Store and calibrate tool data for quick and easy tool changing.

Automatic tool length calibration lets you change tools manually using tool setter input.

Run large complex G-codes

Big job? No problem, run programs for days with support for gcode files as big as 4GB. Run millions of lines of code.

Conversational wizards for writing G-code for you, eliminating the need for CAD/CAM software and time-consuming programming on smaller jobs.

Part Probing

Great feature to have when you want to take the guesswork out of probing.

Job resume and automatic line remember options help you get back to work quickly even after a power failure.

Hardware built for precision and durability.

No drivers required, MASSO works without a PC, eliminating compatibility and driver update issues.

Inputs & Outputs

Massive 24 inputs & 18 outputs, Integrate tool changers or create custom button and sensor inputs.

Complex Machining

Pulse generation hardware, smooth pulse generation with very low jitter output for smooth cut finish

Step & Direction signals for stepper or servo drives.

Automatic Tool Changer control without PLC. All of the control, none of the complex wiring and programming.

Direct spindle control with 0-10v & PWM modes let you manage spindle RPM’s and direction on VFDs.

Multi pass threading for Lathes, using incremental encoder input thread on any type of spindle motor.


Documentation & Videos

Our documentation will help you along your CNC journey no matter whether you’re a beginner or an advanced machinist.
Our video tutorials will give you step-by-step instructions on machine usage and other tricky operations and we’re always creating more content for our users.


Get involved with the CNC community of MASSO users and machine builders in our Forums.
You will also get plenty of inspiration and can ask other CNC users about retrofitting, building, using CNC machines and much more.

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