MASSO G2 – BETA v3.49.23b Release Notes

IMPORTANT! – Please read the below release notes first.

IMPORTANT! – Take screenshots of your current controller settings including all setup and calibration data including input and output function assignments and invert status as after loading this software your controller might reset to default settings or controller settings might change.

IMPORTANT: Some tool changer input and output signals have changed, check all tool chager signal settings on the controller.

IMPORTANT: From v3.49, Caps lock off during power up: As per user feedback the caps lock status on power up will be set to off state, please check caps status when entering your password.


  • Automatic sorting of files and folders when a USB flash drive is connected to MASSO.


  • Improvements to drilling cycles logic and now Jump To Line can be used with drilling cycles.
  • Added the Strobe and Polairity signals to FOUR BITDIGITAL OUTPUT TURRET logic.
  • Logic improvments to lathe tool changers when homing the machine to automatically home tool changer.