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MASSO G2 – v3.50 Release Notes

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IMPORTANT! – Please read the below release notes first.

IMPORTANT! – Take screenshots of your current controller settings including all setup and calibration data including input and output function assignments and invert status as after loading this software your controller might reset to default settings or controller settings might change.

IMPORTANT: From v3.49, Caps lock off during power up: As per user feedback the caps lock status on power up will be set to off state, please check caps status when entering your password.


  • Jump to line – Improvements to jump to line logic.
  • Plasma M667 – If the F value is not initally set then the system automatically sets to maximum Z axis feedrate.
  • WiFi – Improvements to WiFi commucation.
  • Lathe OD conversational wizard – Added option to enter both X and Z finish cut DOC values.
  • Lathe 4 bit tool turret logic – Improvments to tool changer logic.
  • Lathe G95 – Improvements and bug fixes.
  • Backlash – Improvements to backlash control.
  • Folder & File sorting – All folders and files on the USB drive are now alphabatically sorted and displayed.
  • Drilling cycles – Improvements and bug fixes.