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MASSO G2 – v3.51 Release Notes

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IMPORTANT! – Please read the below release notes first.

IMPORTANT! – Take screenshots of your current controller settings including all setup and calibration data including input and output function assignments and invert status as after loading this software your controller might reset to default settings or controller settings might change.

IMPORTANT! – On the MASSO G2 models, due to memory limitations, some features such as conversational wizards are disabled for Mill 4 and 5 axis versions.


  • Backlash – IMPORTANT improvements to backlash logic, if using backlash settings then this update is very important.
  • Machine Homing – As per user feedback, the home button next to JOG buttons has been removed and now double clicking flashing HOME indicator on the screen Initializes the homing cycle.
  • Drilling cycles – Improvements and bug fixes when doing a Jump To Line with drilling cycles.
  • Conversational wizard – Improvements and bug fixes.