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MASSO G3 – v3.48 Release Notes

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IMPORTANT! – Please read the below release notes first.

IMPORTANT! – Take screenshots of your current controller settings including all setup and calibration data including input and output function assignments and invert status as after loading this software your controller might reset to default settings or controller settings might change.



  • Major changes to the way job/work ZERO is done from the F2-Program & MDI screen: In the earlier version job/work offset using the ZERO buttons in F2-Program & MDI screen used G92 temporary work offsets. The new version saves the work offsets directly to the current work offset in use. For example, if G54 is currently being used then clicking the ZERO buttons saves the offset data to G54 coordinates. These values are also saved in the system after power down.
  • Major changes to the way Probing is done: In earlier version of probing, G92 temporary work offsets were used and Set X, Y or Z buttons were required to be clicked. The new version saves the probing data to the current work offset in use.
  • Parking position: The user can now add parking data in F4- Tools & WorkOffset screen. The machine will move Z axis (Z parking position) before moving the X and Y axis to parking position. Move to parking position can be triggered by any of the below ways:
    • Pressing the “Go to Parking Position” button in MDI window.
    • Pressing CTRL+ALT+P on the keyboard.
    • Assigning an input on the F1-Setup screen to “Go to Parking Position” and when this input goes HIGH the system will move to parking position.
    • A G30 command in MDI or gcode file.
  • 6 Inputs to toggle AUX outputs: The user can now set 6 inputs in the F1-Setup screen to toggle any auxiliary outputs between 1 to 6. When the input goes HIGH the output is toggled.



  • Go to Work Origin: New logic now first moves the Z axis up (home position) before moving the X and Y axis to job 0 position.
  • For Mill Linear Tool Changer (Type 2): If “Tool Changer – Output 2” is not assigned as an output in F1-Setup screen then the 6 second delay is automatically ignored by the logic.
  • For Lathe Pragati tool changer: Logic improvements to fix tool change errors.
  • Probing: Added logic to adjust part probing movement direction if machine bed orientation is set to X/Y Swapped.
  • Plasma: Added logic to automatically disable Plasma Torch Hit signal and then re-enables once the torch has been started using the M3 command.
  • Mill and Plasma slaved homing: Improvements to axis slave homing logic to fix issues with one side of gantry losing sync during homing. 
  • Lathe, Mill and Plasma: Bug fixes to issue that was causing the system to ignore external JOG/RAPID command. This issue was affecting controllers up to 4 axis but 5 axis version was not affected.
  • Fixed issue where some windows where getting stuck on the screen after closing.