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MASSO G3 – v5.07 Release Notes

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IMPORTANT! – Please read these release notes before updating.

IMPORTANT! – Sherline clients with PID spindle control, please do not use this version and remain at v5.03

IMPORTANT! – Before updating make a backup of your current settings.

IMPORTANT! – Before updating  save a copy of your printable file, print it out and use it to check your settings after the update is complete to make sure all settings are correct.


IMPORTANT!This version will work only with MASSO Link v2.12 and older versions will not work.


Special note for those updating from version 4 software or lower

  • If updating from version 4 software or lower, all tools data in the F4 screen will be erased and the user must manually add all tools data in F4 screen before using the machine.
  • If updating from version 4 software or lower the new tool changer logic for the mill linear tool changer will require all the inputs and outputs to be reassigned and calibration data entered into the tool changer settings in the F1 screen before using the machine.

NEW in v5.07



  • Spindle Auto On/Off – Logic improvement for spindle override speed after feed hold.
  • MASSO Link – Improved file transfer error checking and faster file transfer speed.
  • WiFi locking – Fixed an issue where the WiFi communication would stop and the controller had to be power cycled.