MASSO Software Update - v2.04 #

Release date: March 2016

Whats New:

  • Show your company Logo and details on controllers startup screen and “F1 – Help” Screen.
  • Constant Surface Speed (CSS) added to Lathe controller. This feature can be used with G96 and G97 commands.
  • Added support for Turrets (Lathe version).

**NOTE** Removed direct support for MPG dial, these features will be supported in the future with expansion cards.


  • More accurate spindle synchronization while threading with multi pass (Lathe version).
  • Red dotted lines now show threading cycle in visualizer (Lathe version).
  • Auto removal of non existing file names from the recent file list in “F5 – Wizards” Screen.
  • “F1 – Help” Screen now shows spindle encoder pulses.



  • Visualizer not showing some G code files properly when in inch mode.
  • Lubrication and coolant outputs stopping randomly.
  • Spindle speed override resetting after cycle stop.


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Last updated on January 29, 2019
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