MASSO Software Update - v3.25 #

Release date: 7th December 2017



  1. After this update make sure the Backlash compensation values for each axis in F1-Setup is set to 0.00
  2. If using PWM signals to control spindle motor, please go to “Spindle” settings in F1-Setup and set the PWM frequency required


Whats New:

  • Hard limit alarm with homing inputs
  • Option to set the PWM frequency for spindle PWM control
  • MPG step resolution displayed in the status bar
  • Probe touch status displayed in status bar
  • Option to put torch touch off offset value from the switch to the torch in Plasma version
  • Added Z clearance value in Mill wizards



  • Press E-Stop alarm is now displayed in yellow color to avoid confusion
  • Tower light outputs now have light color names in the setup list
  • Improvements to wizards with error checking and telling the user if some values on the screen are missing or wrong
  • Printscreen only allowed if machine is not running any motion
  • Green LED flashing on MASSO while doing PrintScreen



  • Bugs related to Plasma torch touch off signals and alarms
  • MDI window sometimes not taking commands
  • Gcode automatically running after homing the machine
  • PS2 Controller causing junk characters while typing

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Last updated on January 29, 2019
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