MASSO Software Update – v3.38 #

Release date: 25th October 2018



  • Check and change your old gcodes for Lathe as with the new logic the X axis direction will change, please see the below “Whats New” section for details.
  • All Work offset data in F4 screen will be erased and all values will be set to 0.00 after this update, please re-enter your work offset data.


Whats New: 

  • For Lathe version MASSO now automatically controls the X axis movement depending on the tool location. Earlier if the tool was on the front side then the X value towards center of the chuck would have to be positive. Now with the new logic no matter if the tool is on the front or back, giving a negative value will move the tool towards the center of the chuck, this is very helpful when writing gcode as now the user does not need to worry about the direction of the tool.
  • Added gcode rewind input function to MASSO inputs.
  • Added spindle coolant flow alarm input that is triggered when the signal goes HIGH.
  • Option to add work offsets to A & B axis in the F4 screen.


  • New threading logic for lathes with infeed angle option in lathe threading wizard.
  • Improved MPG motion logic.
  • PlayStation controller support enabled. Please note that there should not be anything connected to the PlayStation controller connector on MASSO when powering up else MASSO will not be able to start up.
  • Better program resume (CTRL+J) logic. With the new logic the machine does not move directly to the machining point as it might hit job or clamps.
    1. Now the X axis moves to position
    2. Then the user press cycle start to move the Y axis in position
    3. Then pressing cycle start moves the Z axis.
  • Improvements to motion logic where small motion lines were causing system to have motion issues.
  • Added delay to inputs such as autoload file, rewind gcode etc so that the user is forced to press and hold the button for a few seconds.



  • MPG selector switch not being updated properly.



How to update the MASSO controller:

  • Power off MASSO
  • Copy the serial number.htg file and Data1.htg files that were emailed to the USB pen drive and do not copy these files to a folder
  • Check that the above file names are not renamed by your browser when saving to the USB pen drive
  • Unplug all USB devices from MASSO and only plug in the USB pen drive with the above two files to the USB pen drive connector of MASSO
  • Power up the MASSO and wait for the yellow progress bar to go all the way to 100%
  • Power off the controller and leave the USB pen drive plugged in, after about 5 seconds power up the unit
  • Initially you will see a black screen for a few seconds while the update finishes
  • Finally you will see the MASSO main screen and now you can connect USB hubs, keyboard and mouse to the system
  • If you require you can delete the update files from the USB pen drive as they are not required anymore


Things to check after updating:

  • After updating FIRST CHECK all settings in the F1-Setup screen and make sure all the settings are correct.
  • Check Homing settings.
  • Check Spindle settings.
  • Check General settings, make sure “Limit maximum feedrate” is disabled if not being used.
  • Check Lubrication settings.
  • Check Tool Changer settings and also check the settings inside the tool changer settings.
  • Check all axis settings.
  • Check Auto Tool Zero settings and if not required then please disable it.
  • Check all inputs and outputs, check that the right input shows the right function.
  • Check that all inputs and outputs have the invert set as required.
  • Check your tool calibration and work offset data.
  • Finally before doing any cutting with the machine please do a few dry runs to make sure everything is working fine.
  • You might see a “Backup battery fail detected” alarm, please DO NOT remove the battery on the controller and simply power cycle the controller and the message will automatically go away.


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Last updated on January 23, 2019
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